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Universities in the World

Get admission in best 5 Universities in the World and secure your future in the world best country. Higher education has the power to open doors to new opportunities, transform careers, and shape students’ trajectories. But for many, the top schools seem out of reach due to prohibitively high tuition and admissions barriers.

However, a select few life-changing universities offer free admissions, online learning, and full scholarships – if you know where to look.

In this article, we reveal the top 5 ranking universities worldwide that provide access to world-class education through free programs. Students who capitalize on these opportunities at elite schools can gain knowledge and credentials to positively change their lives and careers forever.

Which are the Best 5 Universities in the World?

There are several rankings of the top universities in the world, and the exact order may vary depending on the methodology used. Here are the top 5 universities according to some of the most reputable rankings:

1. Harvard University

Known as one of the most prestigious institutions globally, Harvard offers several life-altering free learning programs:

  • Harvard Online Courses

Harvard offers over 110 free massive open online courses (MOOCs) via edX, spanning topics like computer science, business, law, engineering, and more. Anyone can access these self-paced courses from professors at the world’s top school.

  • Harvard Extension School

This school allows you to take Harvard courses in-person or online at significantly lowered tuition rates versus normal Harvard degree programs. Some financial aid is available.

  • Harvard Free Tuition Initiative

Harvard’s financial aid program covers 100% of tuition, fees, room, and board for undergraduate students from families earning under $65,000 per year. Over 20% attend completely free.

2. University of Oxford

This top UK university provides the following free learning programs:

  • Moocs from Oxford Online

Oxford offers several free online courses on topics like psychology, history, business, computer science, and more through platforms like Coursera and FutureLearn.

  • Oxford Summer School

This program allows students from around the world to study in-person at Oxford each summer. It’s more affordable than normal tuition, starting under £1,000 for a week-long course.

  • Rhodes Scholarships

Oxford’s Rhodes Scholarships provide extremely competitive full-ride funding for international students to attend 2-3 years of study and earn a master’s degree.

3. Stanford University

Stanford, one of the top research institutions in the world, provides the following life-changing free learning opportunities:

  • Stanford Online

Stanford Online offers over 175 free online courses covering technology, business, sciences, humanities, and more through platforms like Coursera and EdX. Certificate options are available.

  • Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies

Exceptional high school students can take in-person or online university-level courses over the summer at Stanford for reduced tuition.

  • Stanford Reduced Tuition

Families earning under $150,000 pay no tuition. Those under $75,000 get free tuition plus room and board. Over 20% attend completely free.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is renowned for excellence in technical fields. They offer:

  • MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT provides over 2,400 of their courses online for free via OpenCourseWare. This content covers nearly every MIT undergraduate and graduate subject.

  • MIT xPRO Self-Paced Online Courses

Learners worldwide can access paid professional education courses in tech fields, developed and taught by MIT faculty, through the MIT xPRO platform. Many offer free previews.

  • MIT Reduced Tuition

MIT’s financial aid means students from families earning under $90,000 pay no tuition. Over 50% of undergraduates attend tuition-free.

5. University of Cambridge

This prestigious UK university offers:

  • Free Online Courses

Cambridge partners with FutureLearn to provide over 35 free online courses on subjects like business, literature, psychology, law, and more.

  • Cambridge Summer Schools

Cambridge opens its doors each summer for specialized academic programs. Students worldwide can attend in-person for reduced tuition and fees.

  • Gates Cambridge Scholarship

This highly competitive full-ride scholarship allows exceptional students outside the UK to pursue postgraduate study at Cambridge and earn a master’s or PhD.

The bottom line is several of the top universities in the world offer free-to-low-cost remote and in-person learning. By leveraging these life-changing programs, motivated students can gain elite educations and access tremendous career opportunities.


Which top universities offer free online courses?

Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, MIT, and Cambridge all offer free online courses across diverse subjects through platforms like edX, Coursera, and FutureLearn.

What are some ways to attend elite universities for free?

Leveraging full scholarships, financial aid programs, summer schools, extensions schools, and free online courses can provide low or no-cost access to top universities.

Do I need exceptional grades to qualify for free programs at top schools?

While strong academics help, many opportunities are open access online courses or summer programs with less strict requirements than degree admission.

How do free university summer programs work?

Schools like Oxford and Stanford open summer academic programs on campus to students globally for reduced rates, making elite universities more accessible.

Can free online courses earn me college credit?

Some MOOCs offer certifications to add to your credentials. Many also provide transferable credit through prior learning assessments at other schools.

Where can I find full scholarships to study abroad for free?

Scholarships like the Rhodes Scholarship and Gates Cambridge Scholarship fully fund international students to attend elite UK universities like Oxford and Cambridge.

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